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We have a passion to create support, awareness and raise money for stroke sufferers.


I suffered two major strokes in 2019 and soon learned that support for people affected by stroke is aimed at older people. Even my follow-up clinic at the hospital was called the 'Medicine for Older People Team.'

I had never considered myself to be an older person and I realised that I needed to do something for younger stroke survivors. As a result, The Helen Hick Stroke Foundation was formed.

Before my stroke, I had been so busy in my roles of Managing Director and Group HR Director of Larkfleet Homes, a construction company based in Bourne in Lincolnshire, which I jointly owned with my husband, Karl, that I ignored my own health and well-being. Like so many people, I was caught up in the flow of work, which I enjoyed and forgot to take stock of how I was feeling.

There are various causes of stroke and mine was blood pressure related. My blood pressure had been rising for years but I had been unaware of it. I am sure there are many, many people who are in a similar situation and if I can stop even one person going through the trauma of a stroke, I will be very happy.

It would have aided my recovery to be supported differently and in a less condescending way by some of the people who were sent out to assist me. The Helen Hick Stroke Foundation will endeavour to be there for people who find themselves in a similar situation to mine and to also assist family members who are struggling as a result of the ill-health of their loved ones.


Thank you for your support. 


We need all the help we can get to raise funds for Stroke Research and support. To find out more and to help us raise both funds and awareness please contact us on 01778 391570.

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