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Great views

Day 5 of our trek and we are heading towards Dingbouche and the views of Everest are fantastic! There are a couple of different routes to climb Everest, we're taking it from the left.

We are at a place today called Dingbouche at 4,400mwhich is nearly 3 miles above sea level and tomorrow looking to go above 5,000m and then to Base Camp and a further peak .

The Nepalese are a lovely group of people and global warming is having a devastating effect on their country as it sits between the two worst Co2 producers in teh world - India and China. So it's very difficult for them to change the future, but Climate Change here and also in the Alps has to be a top priority. Albeit the need for gas from Russia indicates how much harder we need to allow Wind Turbines onshore and Solar Farms and welcome them to try and allow the UK to be self-sufficient. We need to help lead the way so Everest and the Nepalese people are looked after before they are devastated.

Lunch today - although we needed a second serving for a long day climbing ahead.

Views of Ama Dablam - the picture really doesn't do it justice.

Started the day at 3,880m and finished at 4,410m, we'll be staying in Dingbouche for 2 nights.


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