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Namche suspension bridge

We climbed up to Namche Bazaar and it was a tough climb, currently at about 3,400m and then today climbed up to the Everest View Hotel at close to 4,000m where we had a drink and to get used to high altitude. We then returned back to Namche so our red blood cells can get oxygenated ready for higher climbs.

Our group is great and everyone is helping each other on the climbs and luckily all are able to walk and climb well, so all looks good for the stiffer tests ahead.

Seeing Everest today for the first time live was awesome and relives all the books I have read from Mallory, Irvine and Hillary etc and sensing other great climbers who have tried and failed, such as Mallory and Irvine, before the first summit Hillary achieved it in 1953. It gives you a real sense of who are heros out here.

Our group are all really positive and embracing the culture and atmosphere of the climb. We're all noticing the reduced oxygen levels as you go higher, which makes it all that much harder.

This is the highest suspension bridge in the world which connects us to Namche - not for the faint hearted!


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