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A reflective look back

Now the adventurers are safely back in the UK, a reflective look back from Karl Hick on reaching Everest Base Camp.

The trip has so far has raised over £10,000 for the charity which will help its mission to raise awareness and provide aid and assistance to anyone who has had or is at risk of having a stroke.

The 14-day expedition began on March 22nd with a flight to Kathmandu, followed by a flight to Laklu, where they met with Sherpas and began their journey to Everest Base Camp at 5,364m. For comparison, Ben Nevis, the highest point in the United Kingdom, stands at only 1,345m.

'I'm extremely proud,' Karl Hick said. 'There were various hurdles along the way, including sleeping in freezing temperatures, high altitude sickness, difficult climbs and aching limbs, to name a few. The team's camaraderie aided each other's advancement, and they all exhibited true leadership skills in their own unique ways.'

'We all became vegetarians throughout the walk after learning that much of the food, particularly the meat, isn't prepared correctly, so we avoided meat to avoid getting sick. The negative was that we weren't receiving enough nourishment, which meant we were constantly hungry. Sleeping outside in -10c, wearing a hat and gloves isn't something we'll miss, and neither are the cold showers.'

'Once at Base Camp we then had one last climb, it was an unforgettable and exhilarating experience to reach the summit of Kala Phattar (5,644m) at 6pm and witness the sunset. A couple who had also ascended with the man proposing to his now-fiancée added to the experience.'

'A particularly heart warming experience that stood out was that two of our team members were struggling from the high altitude and were unable to reach the peak of Kala Phattar at sunset when the rest of the team ascended. When they recovered, some of those who had previously visited the top returned as guides, ensuring that no one missed out on the experience. According to the Sherpas, this was one of the rare times anyone has gone to the summit twice in ten hours - a true testament to determination and teamwork, which is essential not just in business but also in life.'

We intend to host more fund-raising events in the future in order to raise much-needed funds for our charity, with the purpose of aiding stroke sufferers in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, particularly young adults. You can still make a donation by clicking the link below.


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